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Commission A Painting

Enjoy getting to know my work, browsing through my portfolio and the varied styles and concepts to help you with your inspiration and idea.

When you have selected a particular style, we can begin a conversation about your concept by contacting me via email or telephone. No Art Degree or fancy language required. Together, we can discuss the vision, size and budget for your painting and plan a timeline. Don't be afraid to ask any questions you might have about my work or collaborative process.  

After settling on the important details, you will be asked to pay a small deposit for materials only. Once payment has been received, I will then begin work on your painting. As your concept comes to life, I may ask you to weigh in on important decisions during the creative process. Please feel free to contact me also, for progress updates and even a picture

When your commission is complete I will email you a picture for your approval. Only when you are happy with the finished painting will I ask for payment of the balance before releasing the painting for delivery.

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